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AetherStory is our game we are developing that is a tribute to the 16-bit RPG, bringing you back to your favorite JRPG's of the SNES era but with modern features and functionality. Learn more »

Alpha 2: Patch 0.2.7 is now Live!

Written by thephantom on Jul 15 2019

Alpha 2 for AetherStory has launched! Explore two new maps, adventure through six multi-stage quests, interact with a lively town full of NPC's and do this all with your friends! Learn more...

The Quest System of AetherStory

Written by thephantom on Jul 15 2019

Let's talk about the quest system that was recently designed and added to AetherStory, our multiplayer retro RPG!

April-July 2019 Dev Entry

Written by thephantom on Jul 15 2019

Over the last few months so much has been going on! We got a dev server running, a quest system fully designed, implemented and functioning in the game, and we even got a new Alpha patch released! In this dev entry I will be going over what happened the last 4 months.

March 2019 Dev Entry

Written by thephantom on Mar 20 2019

Learn what's been up the last couple months and what new content we will be releasing in the coming week in ALPHA 2.

AetherStory - Patch Notes - v0.1.x

Written by thephantom on Jan 03 2019

This post outlines the features that are added to the Alpha Build first version of releases.