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Help fund the development of Aether Story!

Funding Options

$2 per month Join
  • Access Behind the Scenes feed
  • My eternal gratitude. Thank you!
$5 per month Join
  • All previous rewards
  • Full Access to all Closed Alpha Tests
  • Join the Shiny Room, a special discord channel
$10 per month Join
  • All previous rewards
  • Unlock the monthly Exclusive Limited Edition Pet or Costume
  • Unlock the Backpack and increase your weight limit by 100 *
$20 per month Join
  • All previous rewards
  • Access the Master Realm, an exclusive area in the game where you gain free portals all over the world and other bonuses **
  • Gain access to the Developer Garden allowing you to visit maps in development before any one else **
  • Gain 3 Perk Keys per month, allowing you to gain cosmetic upgrades when the game releases
* The Backpack item requires an active Patreon membership of $10 or more per month, and is available for all characters on the account on both the Alpha and Release (Early Access) servers.
** These perks are coming soon and you are able to collect 30-day-redemptions towards these features in advance which will be used once the features are released.

Support Us

  • Every bit helps us keep working on Aether Story!
  • We don't make games so you can give us money, we need money in order to make games!
  • Aether Story is made possible by the funding of followers and patrons like you. With your support we are able to spend less time doing freelance, contract work, and spend more time making Aether Story! Thank you!

Unlock Rewards

  • Many great in-game perks and rewards by reaching lifetime donation totals!
    Lifetime Donation Reward examples:
    • Donate at least $20 and get the Crystal Bundle welcome package when the game releases full of useful items and exclusive cosmetics!
    • Donate at least $100 and get a Shiny Cosmetic Cape and sparkle around the map!

Payment Options

  • PayPal accepts credit cards, no PayPal account needed
  • The "Bit Coin" funding option may contribute towards your life time donation rewards only if you include your email in the bitcoin message.
All donations and patronage are final and non-refundable. But are always highly appreciated. Thank you!

Pay What you Want to Play the Alpha

We are really enthusiastic to have you play our game! Being a small indie game
dev company, we depend on your support to keep us going.
Please consider making a small donation to help us fund the continuous
development of Aether Story! It will really help us out.

Thank you!

Without your contributions none of this would be possible.

A special thanks to the following donors

Donated Username
$220.00Mark Hudd
$90.00Michael Capone
$50.00Bar Daddy
$25.00Dick Wolff