Getting Started

Step 1: Staying in the Loop

Even if you decide not to register an account, you may want to stay in the loop and be notified of our latest updates. We will let you know about the newest game features, development progress, and share with you new content as it becomes available.

You may of course follow us on social media:

But if you really want to not miss the biggest of updates, you can follow our Dev Blog by subscribing to our newsletter.

Step 2: Creating an Account

Go to the Register page and fill out the registeration form.

While you are filling it out, please note: the email you provide will need to be verified to unlock your full account, so pick one you can check easily (even the Spam folder).

Also, pelase take care to Opt-In to testing, this will save you time on the next step!

Step 3: Using your Account Portal

To begin using your Account Portal, all you need to do is Login.

Once you are logged in you will be able to:

  • View your Game Accounts and their statuses.
  • Edit your Account Settings.
  • View your Billing/Donation History.

Each of these features will be accessible from the tabs along the top of your Account Portal.

Step 4: Play the Alpha

If you didn't opt-in to testing when you registered an account, do not fear! You can easily opt-in from your Account Portal by going to your settings tab, or by following this link here.

Currently you can test the Alpha of Aether Story in the "pay what you want" model on head on over and check it out! Play Aether Story!

Step 5: Unlock Rewards by Donating

Not only do you unlock awesome exclusive rewards by donating, but you also support us and the development of our games! Thank you for your support!

Donate at least $10 each month to unlock this month's limited offer pet! Get it while you can, or forever miss out.

Step 6: Wishlist on Steam

AetherStory is now on Steam! You may wishlist our Early Access coming Spring 2022. Your wishlist helps us by showing Steam that our game is desired. Thank you!

Step 7: Join our Community

If you have suggestions or bugs you would like to share, to just joining in on the conversation on what we should add next to the game. Join us on our discord and even the live dev stream on twitch!

  • Discord - Share your suggestions, bugs and join in on the conversation relating to game development in general.
  • Twitch - Join a live dev stream and watch us craft our games, but also join in and ask questions and interact with the developers in real time!