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The Playable Races of Aether Story

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Written by thephantom on Jun 21 2023

What you know of Aether Story is going to completely change. In a series of posts I will be sharing with you some core changes to the game that will change how you experience your journey. The first of which is the introduction of being able to choose your playable race! 

There are six planned playable races that will be coming to Aether Story. Some of these races may already be found within the game as NPC's. But some you haven't had a chance to meet yet. Let's introduce the size races.




The humans of the Spurian Kingdom are a tough yet veristile race. Carving nature to their collective will, they are driven by the desire to discover and explore.  Culinary masters and expert fishers, humans can adapt to any challenge that cross their path. With innate strategic brilliance, mastery of weapons, and indomitable spirit, the humans are quickly earning their place in this ever-changing world.




The furry, cunning Dizwins are innovative tinkerers. With a rich history, technological prowess, and unmatched agility, the Dizwin are ready to burrow into adventure. Harnessing their natural talents for digging, mining, and bartering deals, the Dizwin are masters of both the underground and the surface. 





Enigmatic to the other races, Yivish are the oldest yet wisest race to still exist. Masters of illusion, Yivish are able to conceal themselves from foes and passively restore health in the process. Yivish connect with the ethereal realm of dreams, gaining profound insights and enhancing their combat prowess to preserve the delicate balance of nature.





A race of ethereal beings with corporeal forms, the Ebstals transform into vaporous mist, traversing the shadows undetected.  Made from the essence of the void, the Ebstals are a powerful shrouded force that manipulates spells with unmatched finesse. Hailing from beyond the void, the Ebstals are dedicated to unlocking the secrets of their origin.





The powerful and brave Arkin were once brothers of the Spurian humans of the Midlands, now cursed they findselves a new race of boar-ish creatures. Masters of blacksmithing and combat, they embrace their cursed heritage to the battlefield making them unstoppable forces. The Arkin carry the weight of their past, but they will rise above the curse and forge their legacy through their willpower.





Roktu are the spiritual, tribal bird people of Aerie Peak. With keen eyesight, mystical potion brewing, and a connection to ancestral wisdom, the Roktu are ready to swoop into the fray. Under the same feathers, the Roktu flock together to protect nature's balance against the encroaching forces of technology.





Unique Racials

All races have a set of unique racial abilities that help them stand out and differentiate themselves from the other races. These abilities range from crafting profession bonuses, to in-combat abilities.

Racial abilities also unlock a new class of ability called "Field Abilities". These allow you to use abilities outside of combat, on the field, that allow you to interact with encounters and the world differently. 


Want to learn more?

The new playable races will be made available in future Alphas throughout this year. But until then, if you want to learn more about each race's lore, the full description of the planned racial abilities, and more details about the races you can unlock this information in Behind the Scenes Patreon only posts! A new race will be posted every day this week.

Consider joining our Patreon today to check out this information and support the development in the process.

Thank you for your support!


Note: This post's banner image was generated with A.I. assistance, and each race image on the parchment paper was drawn by WizardBane and me.

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