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Winter Fest 2022

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Written by thephantom on Dec 08 2022

Welcome to Winter Fest 2022

This post has been updated for the year 2022.

Nicholas has returned to the Domhan Outpost docks in search of heroes to help him with his problem: the Elf Helpers he hired turned out to be goblins, and have stolen all this year's presents from the workshop.  You are being asked to head to the Isles of Mischief and get back as many presents as you can.  But this year we learn more about why the goblins are stealing the presents... there is some mysterious ancient force driving the goblin's greed and it is up to you to figure out what it is and stop it.



Event Runs December 5, 2022 until January 9, 2023.


Patch 0.7.8

Change Log:

  • Zone Unlocked: Isles of Mischief
    • Areas:
      • The Ice Floes - the western ice sheets contain a large goblin settlement and smaller islands with treasure to find.
      • The Forest of Mischief - the eastern side of the main island, featuring another large goblin settlement and many clusters of goblins.
      • The Ice Summit - the high mountain summit at the top of the main island. Find a couple more goblin settlements and some mysterious ancient ruins.
    • Sendrik the Sealian - the first Sealian NPC has returned. Find him at the top of the mountain summit. He will open up a shop (after you help him) and sell you a new Brewing Recipe and a rare, limited supply costmetic costume and hats. Keep your eyes out!
    • Dazlin and the Dizwin Candysmiths - Help Daz get back Pip and Pop and he will help you forge Candy Lances, a new weapon made out of Candycane Fragments. These weapons have random stats and are some of the best weapons in the game currently.
    • Axel the Snowman - Help Axel by delivering letters to all the various snowmen found around the Isles of Mischief and get rewarded for your efforts.
    • Jack - Helper Jack has a daily task for you to collect 10 Stolen Presents and return to him. If you do so he will give you [Winter Pudding] which provides a decent Power buff for 20 minutes.
  • Winter Fest: Event Rewards
    • Spend the "Stolen Presents", you find laying around the Isles (respawn daily) and by defeating goblins and looting the spoils, to unlock some awesome cosmetics this year:
      • Snowman Head - NEW (2022)
      • Snowman Suite - NEW (2022)
      • Green Winter Hat
      • Green Winter Coat
      • Winter Hat  (red)
      • Winter Coat (red)
      • Pet: Snowman
      • Pet: Flurry
      • Pet: Reindeer - NEW (2022)
      • Food: Candy Canes


  • World Boss: The Ice King - found at the top of the mountain summit, bring 4 [Enchanted Lanterns] found on the goblins carrying them, and light the 4 baziers to bring forth the boss. Be sure to bring a party as this is a boss designed for a group of players. 
    • New loot can be found on this boss.
    • A daily quest to defeat the boss every day for bonus Stolen Presents is also available.
    • A hard mode version of the boss is also available if you enchant each bazier with 4 enchanted lanterns each. This mode is rumored to drop a pet.
  • Alpha Goals - new goals centered around Winter Fest are now available:
    • Kill 1000 Elf Goblis - to earn 3 Alpha Tokens
    • Find an Ice Circlet - to earn 1 Alpha Token
    • Kill Ice King 5 Times - to earn 1 Alpha Token
    • Forge 3 Candy Lances - to earn 1 Alpha Token
      These goals last until the end of the event.
  • Patreon Only Perks
    • Traveler's Backpack - Increases your weight limit by 100. Requires an active $10 or higher Patreon membership.
    • Master Realm - access a special town for Patreon members of $20 or higher. This town features a free Inn Keeper, an additional bank storage chest, and conviently located profession work stations.
    • Developer's Note: These Patreon Only Perks have been designed to help drive funding for the game while we are actively developing it for Early Access release next year. We need to fund raise more money to help pay for the various licenses and freelance talent we will need to hire to bring the game to completion. Thank you for your support!  Consider joining the Patreon today.
      Both perks are being carefully considered against Pay To Win, as we pledge to not add any Pay To Win to the game. As such there will be backpacks available in-game (for a grind) before the Early Access release. We run all monetiziation ideas past the community and you are able to provide your feedback in Discord.

Please enjoy Winter Fest everyone!



Thank you everyone for your continued and ongoing support. I am humbly blessed to have each and everyone of you. Seriously from the bottom of my heart, thank you for believing in me and supporting Aether Story!  I hope you all have an amazing holidays and New Year! See you in game!



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