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Holiday Event Now Live: Easter 2023

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Written by thephantom on Apr 18 2023

Easter 2023 is now live! 

Easter Event runs until April 30th. 


New this year:

A new quest has been added granting you a new food item, the Magical Carrot, its infinite (not consumed) and has no weight; when used it will heal you for 50% of your health, but has a cooldown... Don't miss out on this food item that can come in handy in an emergency even after the Easter Event ends.

Also new this year is a way to easier farm gems! Stock up now, as they will be used in the new profession system coming later this year. In addition to all the great Easter things from previous years, fight the holiday boss Todd, collect eggs, and unlock several awesome cosmetics. Remember, all cosmetics carry over to the Early Access so why not unlock some now! 


Plus all the fun previous year content:

Fight Todd the evil rabbit boss in his instanced dungeon deep within the Easter Burrows. Bring a friend or two as this boss is hard. (Recommended 3 fully Amberfall Geared players with level 4 magic spells).  If you are bold enough to defeat him you will get some awesome new gear and a chance at one of the best weapons in the game, Ostara's Grace. 

The Egg Hunt is back! Throughout the whole world there are eggs to find and collect. They respawn and you can take them for other players if you are fast enough. If you collect enough you can buy cosmetics including bunny suit onesies, a beautiful spring dress, and a bunny pet.


Happy Egg Hunting everyone! See you in game!

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