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Halloween Spirit Charm Guide

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Written by thephantom on Oct 18 2022

So you want to get all the wonderful cosmetic loot my pretties? Ehehehe...

There are many cosmetics to buy with Spirit Charms within Aether Story during the Halloween Event! If you missed previous years and want to get all the cosmetics, that is a lot of Spirit Charms you will need to collect. 

Spirit Charm Rewards

What can you buy with Spirit Charms anyway?

  • Pet: Lil' Zombie - 600 Spirit Charms (2022)
  • Pet: Zombie Hand - 600 Spirit Charms (2022)
  • Mask: Spirit Mask - 600 Spirit Charms (2022)
  • Costume: Spirit Greeter Robes - 600 Spirit Charms (2021)
  • Pet: Demon Pete - 600 Spirit Charms (2021)
  • Pet: Spooky Bat - 300 Spirit Charms (2020)
  • Mask: Witch's Hat - 300 Spirit Charms (2020)
  • Candy Apple - 5 Spirit Charms


Sources of Spirit Charms

The following are all the ways you can gain Spirit Charms.


One Time:

These quests reset each year, so be sure to do them again.

  • Quest: Spirited Away - Help Witch Sobbanna open the portal to the Spirit Realm, there Asmos the friendly Spirit Greeter will reward you with 50 Spirit Charms.
  • Quest: Something Wicked Lurks Within - Confront Verne and get a hint as to what is wrong with the Spirit Realm. Asmos will reward you with 100 Spirit Charms.

 Repeating (Once a Week):

  • Bloodvine Chests - Defeat the Bloodvines grasping the 3 chests within the Spirit Realm each week. Within the chest is 25 Spirit Charms.

Repeating (Once a Day):

  • Daily Qust: Eye of the Beholder - Defeat the Beholder in the Beholder's Lair Dungeon. Completing this quest will grant you 100 Spirit Charms a day.
  • Spirit Cages - free spirits from cages around the Spirit Realm and gain 1-5 Spirit Charms from each.  There are dozens of cages and they respawn daily.
    • Hint: Spirit Cages in the Beholder's Lair also respawn daily.


  • Spirit Mazes - Run a Spirit Maze solo or in a party. Completing the maze successfully will grant you 50 Spirit Charms.
    • Hint: There are also several lost spirits in each maze that reward 5-10 Spirit Charms each.


This means that within the first day of playing, and if you do all the content listed above you will be able to gain about 600 Spirit Charms, and be able to unlock a cosmetic reward! If you are slightly unlucky you may need to run a couple more Spirit Mazes.

Comment below if you found any tricks or ideas to help with the collection of Spirit Charms.


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