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AetherStory is our game we are developing that is a tribute to the 16-bit RPG, bringing you back to your favorite JRPG's of the SNES era but with modern features and functionality. Learn more »

Domhan Outpost: Town Interior

Written by thephantom on Nov 06 2018

The whole month of October was spent on the interior of the town. Let's dive into the tileset creation, the mapping process, and the coding challenges that cropped up.

RPG Character Creation

Written by thephantom on Nov 06 2018

An RPG needs character customization. Join me as a explore how I created our paper-doll system that powers our character creator!

New Goal: A Playable Demo

Written by thephantom on Oct 09 2018

In this blog post we will discuss a huge paradigm shift that occured: we decided to focus on getting an actual playable demo running. Meaning real content for you guys to see and play test.

June-September 2018 Dev Entries

Written by thephantom on Oct 04 2018

This blog post will serve as a catch up post summarizing what we have been up to all the way back since May!

Encounter and Aggro Systems

Written by thephantom on Oct 02 2018

Let's explore the new encounter and aggro systems for AetherStory.