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Patch 0.5.0+: More Bank Storage and Dailies

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Written by thephantom on Sep 01 2021

Patch 0.5.6

Sept 1 2021

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New Feature:
Private Bank Storage

You may now spend in-game gold to unlock additional bank storage. To get started head on over to the Bank in the Domhan Outpost and visit the banker to unlock the first upgrade to your banking. Private Banking is a storage chest that is available to just the character that unlocks it. This is private, personal character storage. Each character on your account will need to purchase their own upgrade.

New Alpha Goal Added: Upgrade Private Bank 3 times!


Misc Changes

  • Lord Noctis has had its Rare Pet drop rate increased.
  • Dailies can now be turned in no matter what day they were given to you on.
  • Derry, the Chef and Brian the Potion Shop Owner, now all have the option to view their merchant screen even if you are on a quest with them.
  • The main story now rewards more exp, this should allow new players to feel more excited getting to level 2 sooner.
  • Hunts have had their goal amounts altered.
  • Various main story dialogs within the Meadows Ruins have been improved.
  • Sage: Word of Fury has been adjusted to be more in align with the other class abilities.

Bug Fixes

  • The mainstory crystal boss encounter should work better in a party.
  • Rare encounters should work better in a party.
  • Jenny's bag now doesn't overlap with her hair.
  • Fire Crystal shrine graphic now properly lights up and animates after completing the quest.
  • Destroying equipped equipment is no longer possible.



Patch 0.5.4

Aug 19 2021

Main Story Reset

All existing characters that were created before Patch 0.5.0 and completed the Main Story quest previously, have had their Main Story Quest progress reset. You will need to go back to the Lighthouse and re pick up the quest from Lauren.

Developer Notes: This was done to allow old characters to experience the new main story expansion just recently added. Due to the nature of the quest changing over the past year it required a full reset.


New Windows Launcher

The Windows Launcher of the game has been updated to the latest run-time. Fixing numerous run-time bugs that were out of our control. Including:

  • The Memory Leak has finally been addressed, and now only minor leaks should remain.
  • Improvements to the text input field and caret alignment

Bug Fixes:

  • Eternal Shroud Costume should no longer make you naked.
  • The Eternal Blossom container item has had its loot table adjusted. The Costume and Pet are no longer as common. But have bad luck prevention in the event you don't get them after numerous turn-ins.

Patch 0.5.0

Aug 9 2021

Alpha 5 Goals are here!

A new set of Alpha Goals are now in the game. Be sure to login and check them out.

Everyone who completed Alpha 4 Goals now have those Alpha Tokens awarded to them.


The Main Story Continues

Requires a fresh Level 1

Progress the main story past the previous stopping point and meet Fearas and help him enter the Temple in the Meadows Ruins. Feedback for these new additions is requested kindly. Thank you.


Daily Quests

There are now daily quests in Aether Story. Be sure to login every day to complete a set of dailies. They reset at 6am EST.

  • Check the Wanted board outside the Command Hall in the Domhan Outpost for Wanted Bounties.
  • Join Elvria and help her tend to the Eternal Blossom. She is either at her house or at the fertile soil depending on the state of the Eternal Blossom quest.
  • Find Derry the friendly mushroom in the Slime Glade and help him and be rewarded with spores.

All dailies provide interesting rewards including 3 new cosmetics and new consumables.


Misc Changes

  • The Meadery is now an Inn.
  • The Fire Shrine is now located inside the Meadows Ruins Temple.
  • New Suggested Activities are found in the Adventurer Guide, and they are now tailored more towards your current progress in the game.
  • The breadcrumb quest leading to the Meadows Ruins has been removed.

Known Issues

  • The Old Tooth Wanted quest has incorrect quest log text. He is actually located in the Wolf Burrow in the south-eastern corner of the Meadows, and not in the Ridge.

All characters have had their positions reset to the Lighthouse, but nothing else has been reset.


What are you waiting for? Download the game and check out the game's latest Alpha patch now!


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