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RpgLegend Update 3

Written by LagunaX1 on Aug 08 2017

The story is making great progress and the programming snag has been tackled!

RpgLegend Update 2

Written by LagunaX1 on Jul 02 2017

Progress on the Rpg Legend Development Tool!

RpgLegend Update 1

Written by LagunaX1 on Jun 25 2017

It's been three months since we last updated the blog!? Not on my watch!

RpgLegend Synopsis and mock-up case!

Written by LagunaX1 on Mar 24 2017

Check out our latest story update: a synopsis of our game and a fun mock-up of the box art.

RpgLegend Update: Engine Revision

Written by thephantom on Dec 18 2016

In this RpgLegend update, I will explain why I have split RpgLegend into its own game engine and why this has been a great decision.