Issues Installing/Opening the Game

  1. Security warnings and it won't open?
  2. System Requirements not met?
  3. Stuck patching?
  4. Cannot connect to server?

Security warnings and it won't open?

Whether you are a Windows or MacOS user we got you covered.


When downloading the game from your web-browser it may say that it can't open the application as it came from an unknown source. This is very common for all indie-developers. You can hit "more info" and get past any warning of this sort.

However! If these warnings make you feel uncomfortable you can also download and install the game through the Official Launcher. This launcher installs the game without any security warnings!

AntiVirus Notice:

When installing AetherStory, do note that a small number of players have reported that their AntiVirus is flagging the game. If this happens to you , you may need to add it to your AntiVirus exceptions.

How to fix: In order to play AetherStory you must go into your Anti-Virus and remove AetherStory from your quarantine. You may also have to mark it as "safe" and "trusted".


Apple requires developers to be "identified" by registering with a yearly fee. This does not mean the game is unsafe or cannot be trusted, it just means we haven't paid the registration fee and Apple has not reviewed our game yet. We will address this issue once more funds become available.

How to fix: You may get around this warning by right clicking (or holding Control and clicking) on the game for the first time, and agreeing to open it. Thankfully this warning will not appear the next time you open the game.

If you would like to help us fund this yearly fee, please consider Donating!

System Requirements not met?

System Requirements (subject to change):

  • OS: Windows 7 or later / MacOS 10.12 or later
  • Processor: 64-bit , 2.33GHz or faster
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Discrete/Intergrated VRAM of 1 GB
  • DirectX: Version 11 (Windows) / OpenGL (MacOS)
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 500 MB available space

AetherStory requires a GPU that has access to certain capabilities. Any video card made in the last 5 or so years should run AetherStory. Contrary to what it appears like, AetherStory does use 3D rendering technology. So your GPU needs to have 3D capabilities.

The best way to know if you can run AetherStory is to give it a try. Feel free to download the game without paying anything to test it for yourself. If the game works and you enjoy it, then you can always download it a second time and "pay what you like".

The game will error with the message "Your system does not meet the requirements to run this game. Please try on another device." or will instantly crash if your system does not support it. If you can get into the game do try to pay attention to the FPS. If your system can't maintain at around 60 FPS while playing the game that may also be a sign that it won't support it. Hit "F7" on the keyboard while playing to see the FPS.

Linux Support?

AetherStory currently is not supported on Linux officially. But, you are in luck! Many users have reported success with running the PC version under WINE. Since this is not officially supported we will not be able to help you with this endeavour.

Stuck patching?

Whether your stuck on the patch screen or your game reports that you are on the wrong version, let's fix your issue with patching. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Close the game
  2. Clear your AppData folder relating to AetherStory.


    1. Open your Windows Explorer (hit Win+E keys)
    2. In the window address bar type: %appdata%
    3. Press enter.
    4. Scroll down in the list until you find the folder called "com.phanxgames.AetherStory"
    5. Inside you should find a folder called "Local Store"
    6. Delete the "Local Store" folder
    7. Relaunch the game and see if it patches correctly
    8. Still not working? Contact us for assistance or ask for help in Discord.


    1. Open the Finder
    2. Click the "Go" menu
    3. Select "Go to Folder..."
    4. Type "~/Library/Application Support" without the quotes
    5. Find the folder called "com.phanxgames.AetherStory"
    6. Inside you should find a folder called "Local Store"
    7. Delete the "Local Store" folder
    8. Relaunch the game and see if it patches correctly
    9. Still not working? Contact us for assistance or ask for help in Discord.

  3. Try running the game as Administrator or with additional privileges.

Cannot connect to server?

Issues connecting to the game is not a common issue. But if you are experiencing this issue please follow the Connection issue guide here. If you are still experiencing issues please contact a team member on our official