Account FAQ

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  1. I forgot my username! What do I do?

    If you forgot your username you are in trouble! Well just for now at least. We will be adding a Forgot your Username feature soon!

  2. I forgot my password! Help?

    Not to worry! There is an easy Forgot your Password link directly on the Login page!

  3. I forgot my email! Is there anything you can do?

    Sadly there isn't much we can do if you forget the email attached to your account.

  4. How do I change my email?

    To change your email head over to your account settings, add a new email, and verifiy it. Once you have it verified you will be able to select it as your new primary email. Your old email should now be deletable.

    If you cannot remove your old email, the likely reason is that it is attached to our billing system. And unforunately it cannot be removed.

  5. I lost access to my email and I need to change it. Help?

    Sadly you will not be able to change your email if you lost access to it. Your email will be used to confirm the email change.

  6. I cannot login! I have tried at least five times and nothing seems to work! What's wrong?

    Sounds like you got locked out of your account. After five failed login attempts your account will be locked. This is to protect your account from brute-force login attempts.

  7. How do I unlock my account?

    All you need to do is say you Forgot your Password and follow the instructions in the email it sends. Successfully resetting your password will also unlock your account!

  8. Why do I need to verify email before I can login?

    This is to help reduce the amount of bots and fake accounts in our system. We appologize for the inconvince but should improve the quality of your experience after you take the few minutes to verify your email.

  9. My account has been compromised what do I do?

    If your account has been compromised (commonly referred to as being hacked), you should be able to use the Forgot your Password feature to change your password to something you gain control of. We also advise you to change your password for your email as an extra precaution.

  10. Is your system insecure, how did my account get hacked?

    We have gone through great lengths to have the best security possible. Please make sure you always Logout of your account when you are done. Never select the "Remember Me" option if using a public computer. And never share your password with anyone! Not even staff!