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Alpha 2: Patch 0.2.7 is now Live!

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Written by thephantom on Jul 15 2019


Alpha 2 has officially launched and you can now experience the latest content added to AetherStory.

All you need to do is Donate at least $20 to unlock ALPHA and BETA access! And once your donation is processed we will send you a key to the game. Donating unlocks many more perks which are all a way for us to say thank you for believing in us!

If you already have unlocked the ALPHA then log into your account now and download the launcher to begin playing right now!


Change log:

Patch 0.2.0:

  • New Map: The Domhan Road - a small map featuring a few points of interest:
    • The Mine - a mining operation that has been temporarily closed.
    • The Fertile Soil - a mysterious rich plot of soil.
  • New Map: The Domhan Forest - a large map to explore, some points of interest include:
    • The Ramparts - a military check point on the eastern edge of the forest.
    • The Witch's Hut - secluded in the middle of the forest.
  • New Quests:  Six multi-stage quests have been added around the Outpost and Forest.
  • Feature: NPC's have been added to the game, be sure to talk to everyone, some have interesting things to say!
  • Feature: The Quest System - look for NPC's with icons over their heads to start quests.  Your quest progress will show on the right hand side of the screen.
  • Feature: Being idle in the game will disconnect you back to the Character Select screen.
  • Feature: /logout chat command to log out back to the Character Select screen
  • Feature: several new chat commands including /goto /status /list /summon /return
    I will outline these in more detail in another post.
  • Feature: The game now detects when the server goes offline or you lose a connection to the server, and will return you to the Character Select screen.
  • Feature: Debug information and overlay is now hidden by default, use F7 to toggle it.
  • Artwork: The flags in the outpost are now animated.
  • Artwork: Many quest objectives have been drawn for the new quests in the game.
  • Artwork: New Dizwin character models have been made.
  • Music: A new track titled Domhan Coastline has been added to the Domhan Road map.
  • Music: A new track titled Domhan Forest has been added to the Domhan Forest map.

Patch 0.2.5:

  • Bug fixed: sometimes when teleporting between maps the game would crash.
  • Bug fixed: GM Chat commands now require special permissions to teleport or summon other players.
  • Bug fixed: While typing you should no longer accidently zoom the map.
  • Bug fixed: The entity load spinning indicator should now only show up when it takes more than a second for an entity to respond.
  • Bug fixed: teleporting to the same position now properly redraws the map.
  • Bug fixed: collision bugs have improved around a certain puddle near a cliff.
  • Bug fixed: herb crates for the quest Tackle and Bait are now rendered with the correct graphic.
  • Bug fixed: The minimap should no longer disappear when changing floors of an interior.
  • Bug fixed: Miss Betsy Moo should have her quest turn-in icon removed once you gather the milk but haven't gathered all the stinky shrooms.
  • Bug fixed: You should no longer be able to log in on two characters from the same account at the same time.
  • Quest Improvements:
    • Construction workers will now walk away and fade out instead of instantly disappearing.
    • The fertile soil now has default text before you start the quest.
  • UI:
    • Borderless full screen mode has been disabled in anticipation of a new settings menu coming soon in ALPHA 3.

Patch 0.2.6:

  • New Feature: Telepad Warp Points - you now may fast travel between three telepads that have been added to the game.  You first need to discover the telepad by walking over it.  Then by standing on a telepad and pressing [Space] you may select to teleport to other telepads you have discovered.
  • Quest Improvements:
    • The miner's campfire now has a fire animation- its ready to roast some tasty frogs real good!
    • The Botanist in town will now walk away and fade out instead of instantly disappearing.
  • UI:
    • The minimap is now slightly more zoomed out.
  • Misc:
    • The Outpost gates have been unhinged and placed further apart to help with adventurers who keep getting stuck on them.
    • Additional ambient frogs have been added around the forest and road.

Patch 0.2.7:

  • Bug fixed: Quest objectives should now properly appear in the quest side pane when new quests are added.
  • Bug fixed: The Dizwin engineers have correctly identified a hole in their security system and have locked down many debugging commands from those who aren't authorized.  No longer can you zoom, walk through walls or change your speed.
  • Bug fixed: The light faries in the forest now will properly follow you around. The lighting effect on your character will now properly render.
  • Quest improvements:
    • The Outpost Guard have moved some supply crates around so they can be seen sooner.


If you find any bugs be sure to report them to us using our GitHub issue tracker.  And be sure to post your comments, thoughts and suggestions on our forum right here on the website!

Thank you for playing AetherStory! See you in game!



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Jul 21 2019 at 01:11 AM

OffbeatJenny says

So glad that the random zooming in while typing was fixed! All great improvements! :D

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