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RpgLegend Synopsis and mock-up case!

Categories: Aether Story Story/World
Written by LagunaX1 on Mar 24 2017


A legend is told of the world that exists at the end of time, the last bastion of light; surrounded by darkness and nothing, this world is the last remnants of joy, happiness, and society.

On this world, it is told that the chosen one of light will awaken and be able to overcome darkness and restore balance to the universe. Every year thousands take the pilgrimage of light to see if they are the chosen one yet none have succeeded the trials.

It is in this world that you are awoken from your slumber in a strange ruined laboratory by an ancient golem instructing you that you need to save the world. You are joined by First Lieutenant Ravril and the City Elders, who all believe you could be the chosen one, as they help you go on the legendary pilgrimage of light.

However, you quickly realize there are counter-forces at play.  A villain known as Crimson will do anything in his power to stop you from succeeding in your trials and claim the power of the chosen one for himself.  Will you stop Crimson and fulfill your destiny by becoming the chosen one?



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