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Patch Notes: Alpha 4.30+: Spell Preview

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Written by thephantom on Jul 18 2021


The Spell Preview is now Live!

All classes now start with a spell from level 1:

  • Warden: Spectral Slash - Deal 60% power split between two enemies across or adjacent.
  • Ranger: Long Arm - Deal 60% power to an enemy preferring enemies in the backrow.
  • Sage: Word of Fury - Attack an enemy 1-3 times dealing 40% power each time.

You may learn two additional spells at level 3 by visiting the newly unlocked Meadows Ruins and completing two quests.

  • Healing Spring - Water Element healing spell. Available to all classes. Heals for 100% of your power spread across all friendly targets in your cel
  • Fireball - Fire Element damage. Available to all classes. Deals 100% of your power as fire damag


New Build Menu

  • You may now pick which item you would like to bring to battle
  • You may also use the menu to configure which spells to bring into battle
  • This menu's hotkey is "B"


Misc Changes

  • Death now collects more gold from you when you die. This is based on your level and how good of gear you have
  • Default Weapon Attack damage is now 30% of your power (down from 45% power)
  • All Healing Potions have been swapped to Healing Vials. Healing Vials heal for less health
  • The Healing Coral daily turn-in now gives you the big Healing Potions which heal for 50 hp
  • A new item called "Jug of Water" has been added to most merchants that restores mana out of combat


Known Bugs

  • Sometimes your spells will have their animations and damage numbers not render on the enemy. This appears to be purely cosmetic. But more information needs to be collected. Please share your thoughts below.
  • The Warden's Spectral Slash seems to not always cleave even when there is a viable target. Is this cosmetic or logical? More information is needed.



Patch Notes


July 17 2021

  • Spell Preview Patch is now live!
  • See blog post above for details.

0.4.31 - 0.4.32:

July 18 2021

  • Healing Coral daily turn in gives you 5 "Healing Potions" per 5 coral, these restore 50hp each! Keep in mind these are the best healing potions in the game, and are not "Healing Vials" which only restore 20hp.
  • Improved def/resist mitigation from gear (3 per stat, up to 5 per stat)
  • Fixed a bug with spectral slash so it does proper single target damage
  • Spectral Slash now costs 30 energy (down from 40)
  • Long Arm now deals 60% power (up from 50%)
  • Word of Fury now deals 40% power (up from 30%)
  • Luck now increases Crit Chance by 5% per point at level 5 (up from 3.75%)
  • Death tax amount contributed from equipped items has been lowered in half.


July 19 2021

  • MacOS clients should now be able to patch and enjoy the game!
  • All over-world monsters have had their stats adjusted to be similar in difficulty grouped by their levels. No more will a level 4 be harder than a level 5, for example. 
  • "Jug of Water" cost increased to 30 gold (up from 20 gold).
  • Starting gear from the first few quests of the game now have either +Defense or +Resist in addition to the already existing +Health.
  • Completing the Main Story Preview Quest, "A New Beginging" will now reward you with a couple of "Healing Potions" (+50hp).
  • The drop rate of "Crystal Modules" for the quest "Fire Shrine I" has been increased slightly.

Dev Notes:  As a result of this patch the game isn't as unforgiving. You are able to pull multiple enemies and survive more often than not. This may make things seem too trivial for those of you who are fully geared or play in groups. But these changes were needed to smooth out the experience for new players.



What are you waiting for? Download the game and check out the game's latest Alpha patch now!


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