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Patch 0.4.12: Mid-Fight Battle Joining and Player Inspection

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Written by thephantom on May 10 2021

Mid-Fight Battle Joining

You now able to join fights with your party members who aggro when you were just slightly out of range. Giving you the ability to join them mid-fight. This even allows you to see a solo player struggling, and you can invite them to a party, then join them and help!


Player Inspection

You may now hold-click or right click on other players to inspect them. Inspecting another player gives you a lot of information including the ability to see their equipped gear. And a series of handy buttons you may use to interact with them.


Misc Changes

  • [/inspect name] may also be used to inspect players, even if they aren't near by.
  • Party members are alerted now when instances get reset by the party leader.
  • You may now use food multiple times in the menu, without it closing after each use.
  • Inventory now retains sorting within any one play session.
  • Inventory has a new button that refreshes and resets the inventory listing.
  • "Held" field added to the item tooltips at merchants, telling you how many of an item you already own in your inventory.
  • You may now hold-click or right click to interact with NPC's.
  • You may inspect party members with the new "Options" button in the main menu, replacing what was once the "Score" button that took you to the leaderboard.
  • Botanist walk speed has been increased when she walks away.
  • Shop signs can now be hovered with the mouse to read their text.
  • Potion drop rates have been reduced in the Abandoned Windmill Dungeon.
  • Chest mimics have been made to be slightly harder with a new AoE attack.
  • Instance Pedestal has a new option to upgrade "solo instances" to "party instances". This allows you to convert your solo instance, allowing friends to come and help you.


Bug Fixes

  • When someone in your party exits a map before you, you will no longer get snapped back.
  • After ending battles all other monsters should snap into their correct positions faster.
  • Main Menu weight value should be the correct value after trading.
  • Changing characters should reset the party HUD.
  • Public instances should no longer auto-close, which was causing merchants to not have their full rare loot tables spawn in time.
  • Main Menu party status menu now properly cycles location information for party members, and always shows your level and class and not your location.
  • Spamming multiple buttons at once in battle should no longer lock you from further input.


For now be sure to download the game and check out the game's current Alpha.

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