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Alpha 4 Reset: Alpha Testing and Cycles

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Written by thephantom on Nov 13 2020

In this post we will be discussing what it means to be playing Aether Story in its early-access Alpha stages, how characters will be reset between Alpha cycles, and why you should play Aether Story now and not wait for its official release.

Alpha Testing and Resets

  • What is Alpha vs Beta?

    I label Alpha Testing as tests of things as they are in early development. Not final, and can change at any time.  As opposed to Beta Testing which is testing the game in a more complete state.  Traditionally Beta testing is done by the players, and Alpha testing is done by in-house staff members.  But since we develop the game live on twitch, you all are invited to Alpha test with us.
  • What is tested during Alpha Testing?

    Alpha Testing usually does not involve reliablity testing, or security testing. Nor does the Alpha capture the final product of the game.  Its primary purpose is to find bugs, critical issues, and observe player's usabliity of the game (quests, difficulty, gold, experience gain, etc). Alpha happens rapidly and is a dynamic envirnoment, allowing us quick turn around times to fix the issues immediately.
  • What is an Alpha Cycle and the goal of having Alpha Cycles?

    Each major alpha release brings new features, new maps, new quests, and new things to test that completely change the shape and state of the game.  Each Alpha Cycle has a focus on new goals to test surrounding the new features that were just released. Alpha Cycles basically correspondwith the Alpha version number.  Currently we are on Alpha 3 (0.3.x), and we are about to release Alpha 4 (0.4.x).  For example, Alpha 3 was all about items, chests, trading, vendoring and looting. 

    Each Alpha Cycle can have many minor patches within the cycle.  Such as in Alpha 3 we added trading, vendors, the world map, leaderboards, and even cooking after the initial Alpha 3 release.
  • What is the focus of Alpha 4?

    Alpha 4 has a focus on combat and experience gain from both monsetrs and questing. This means we need to reset your character progress so we can better judge if the amount of experience each monster gives is apporiate.  Its actually a huge change we are about to do.  By making the world full of monsters, it means quests must be completed in a certain order, as each location will have higher and higher monsters in it.  As such, you will be spawning now in a new location: the lighthouse down on the beach. 
  • Why do you need to reset in Alpha 4?
    We have to reset your items because we need to judge if combat is fair based on the items you are able to loot on your new adventure path.  We definately need to reset all items that give experience (such as Tomes of Knowledge) so they do not tarnish our data collection.
  • But it feels bad. What will you give us to make up for it?

    I understand that it doesn't feel good to play a game that is going to reset all your progress. But we have a solution to this. Alpha Tokens.  Each Alpha Cycle several Alpha Tokens can be earned by completing goals.  These goals will change every Alpha Cycle to match what that alpha is testing.  But by earning the tokens you have something to show for your efforts moving forward. In fact, when the game officially releases Alpha Tokens can be used to buy many unique cosmetics.
    It is important to note: there is no reason to build up your character, grind resources, or try to farm things that aren't included as an Alpha Token goal.  You won't be rewarded, and no matter how much you complain we will not be giving special Alpha Tokens out.  All Alpha Tokens will be fairly available to everyone.
  • What is being reset in Alpha 4?
    Please review this table:
    Leaderboard Historical Archive
    Character Names and Apperance Kept
    Alpha 3 Goals Ending
    Character Level Reset to 1
    Character Position, HP and MP Reset
    Telepads Discovered Reset
    Quest Progress Reset
    Chests Looted Reset
    Cooking Skill Level Kept
    Cooking Recipes Discovered Kept
    Inventory (Items and Gold) Reset
    Bank Inventory (Items and Gold) Reset
    Unlearned Pets and Costumes in your Inventory Kept
    Alpha Tokens Rewarded for Alpha 3 goals
    Account Pets Kept


At the end of the day, if you don't want to play the Alpha because it doesn't feel worth it, that is okay. You can still support the game in other ways, such as watching the dev stream, becoming our patreon, or being an active member of our Discord.  But if you do decide to test, know that helping us test the Alpha by playing it is greatly appericated and is a needed endeavour. Your testing helps us find issues and improve the game! Thank you!


What's coming in Alpha 4?

Read the Alpha 4 Release blog post here to learn more.


Don't miss out on the Alpha 3 Goals!

Only a week remains before Alpha 4 comes out and as a result the Alpha 3 goals will also be resetting. TO get the maxium Alpha Tokens possible be sure to complete the Alpha 3 goals today!

You may download the early Alpha access easily through

We are really enthusiastic to have you play our game! Being a small indie game
dev company, we depend on your support to keep us going.
Please consider making a small donation to help us fund the continuous
development of Aether Story! It will really help us out.

If you already have Alpha Access, head on over to the Game Downloads page and download the Launcher Setup Installer!


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