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Funding Update (Dec 2016)

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Written by thephantom on Dec 13 2016

I would like to first start off by saying how greatful I am of everyone who has supported me and made contributions to the development of RpgLegend.  Without this support I would not have been able to keep working on the game every month.  I wanted to make this blog post to help explain why I need funding, what the funding is used for, and monthly funding status update!


Why do I need funding?

With the funding contributions donated to Phanxgames I am able to continuously develop RpgLegend without needing to focus as much on freelance web development work.

Working on RpgLegend is my full-time job.  And the funds I recieved are used to keep me going.  I use the funds to pay for student loans, insurance, internet bills, etc.  Thankfully my very generous mother, who truly believes in what I am doing, provides me with a place to live and warm meals every night.  So this leaves the donations to be used for my personal bills.

Eventually I would love for the games I create to be able to make enough money so I can support my mother, and provide my own living arrangments.  As such, I will still need to find freelance web development work, and other sources of income to continue this dream.  But your contributions will lessen this burden and help me focus more on creating the best game possible.


Monthly Funding Status Update

This month marks the first time that one-time donations have started to make up a siziable portion of the monthly funding goal, and the month is not even half-way over.  Patreon pledges amounted to $111 while one-time donations amounted to $86 for this month.  I am so very greatful that we have nearly reached a total of 56% of the monthly funding goal this month.  And the month isn't over yet!

Hopefully with a few more contributions this month, next month I will be able to focus fully on RpgLegend.  If you haven't already please consider making a donation and help fund the development of RpgLegend!  Plus you get some amazing rewards to boot!

Thank you everyone for helping me live my passion!



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