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February 2020 Funding Goal: Almost Reached

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Written by thephantom on Feb 23 2020

February 2020 Funding Goal

We are only $28 away from reaching our monthly funding goal.  As a reward for helping us reach this funding goal we will be adding a public feature to everyone: Leaderboards.  The Leaderboards will help players rank to try to compete to be the best player in the Alpha!  The Leaderboard categories will include players who have the most gold, most chests looted, and highest level.

If we do not reach the funding goal then this feature will be postponed and potentially cut. So if you are excited to see this feature added, please consider helping us reach this goal. We are so close!!

As a special thank you for your support in helping us fund the development of Aether Story, we will also be giving those who donate at least $10 this month a limited time Pink Slime Pet.  This pet will never be made available in the future, so don't miss out.  Once this month is over, you will never be able to get it!

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