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Aether Story: Alpha Funding: Exclusive Pink Slime Pet

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Written by thephantom on Feb 04 2020

For a limited time you can get the Pink Slime Pet if you donate at least $10 in the month of February 2020.  Once this month is over the Pink Slime Pet will no longer be available. 

The Pink Slime Pet is the first in a series of Limited Edition pets that will be made availabe each month during the Alpha development of Aether Story.  These allow us to fund raise enough funds to keep working on the game, but also allow you to collect awesome rewards to show off once the game fully releases.  Be one of the only few who can say "I was there during the early months of Aether Story" and have something to show for it!

But we didn't want to just promise you pets.  We also wanted to give you them now! That's right.  As soon as you donate at least $10 in the month of February 2020 you will instantly get the Pink Slime Pet added to your Pet's Collection.

This means that there is a new feature added to the game.  The Collections Menu.  The Collections menu will not only let you track which pets you have collected but also other collectable items (soon to come).  But to start with it shows your pets.  At the moment you can preview a series of possible pets that will be added to the game.  But currently the only pet that is available in the game is the Pink Slime Pet! 


To help you track your donation totals for the month there is also a new funding panel added to the main menu.  This funding panel not only lets you see what this month's special reward, but it also shows you the community goal.

The Community Monthly Fundraising Goal will be reached if everyone can reach a combine total of $250.  If so, we will be adding a bonus feature to the game that the community wants.  The first of such bonus feature goals is the Leaderboards.  The Leaderboards will allow you to see where your character places in the rankings amounst the other players in several categories.  The categories will include: Gold, Chests found, and more!

If you help us reach our monthly funding goal, I think it is only fair  that we can give back to the community by adding a bonus feature that everyone can enjoy!

Thank you for your support and making Aether Story possible. We couldn't do it without the support of players like you. You guys rock!


You may check out the new pet feature by downloading Aether Story now! That's right, pets are currently live! Go check it out!

We are really enthusiastic to have you play our game! Being a small indie game
dev company, we depend on your support to keep us going.
Please consider making a small donation to help us fund the continuous
development of Aether Story! It will really help us out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What happens if the Community Fundraising Goal isn't met?

A: If the monthly goal isn't met, the community feature will be replaced next month with a new feature that you guys will hopefully like better.  We may rotate back in a previous community feature in a future month.  But no monthly funds will "roll over" month to month.  Development is an ungoing monthly expense and we simply need to reach our goal to be able to afford to add the extra bonus feature.

Q: Will pledging on Patreon unlock this month's Limited Edition pet?

A: Yes, our Patreon is now setup to instantly charge you the moment you pledge.  This means as long as you pledge before the end of the month you will get the pet!  And not only this, you will be setup to get next month's pet automatically!

Q: Do I have to use Patreon or Paypal to unlock this month's Limited Edition pet?

A: Currently our system is designed to instantly support one-time PayPal payments and reoccuring Patreon pledges.  Both PayPal and Patreon allow you to use your Credit Card.  While PayPal also has the added benefit of allowing you to use your PayPal balance.

If you are willing to attach your Account to your Phanxgames Account (see your settings panel on the Phanxgames Account website), then you will be able to detect your payments towards Aether Story and treat those as donations for the month in which they were processed by

Q: Will other colors of pets be available?

A: Yes, there will be many other colors of pets available in the future.  But the limited edition color will only be available in the month it is offered. So get it today! Don't miss out!

Q: Will there be a ____ pet added?

A: Most likely! Be sure to request your pet ideas on the community forum or join us in discord.


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