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2020 Roadmap: What's to come to Aether Story

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Written by thephantom on Jan 04 2020

The first big goal for 2020 is releasing Alpha 4.  Alpha 4 currently has planned to include:  monster encounters, basic combat, a new beach map to explore, with many caves and monsters, and equipment and gear! As with every Alpha release cycle, once Alpha 4 is released, we will work on bug fixes and minor improvements to it, then we will begin Alpha 5 work.

Alpha 5 is currently planned to include: improved combat and battle mechanics, such as skills and spells and status effects.  We will also be adding in the ability to level up your magic potency and select skills in talent trees. 

Both Alpha 4 and 5 are targeted to be released in Q1 of 2020, which would be no later than the end of March.


  • ALPHA 4
    • Feature: Monster Encounters
    • Feature: Basic Combat
    • Feature: Equipment and Gear
    • New Map: Domhan Beach
    • New Map: Beach Caves
    • New Map: Forgotten Island
  • ALPHA 5
    • Feature: Improved Combat Mechanics
    • Feature: Status Effects
    • Feature: Skill and Spell Menus
    • New Map: Northern Domhan Forest
    • New Map: Ancient Ruins "World Dungeons"
    • New Map: Domhan Digsite


Beyond those two alphas, we also will be adding the main story to the game, including an introduction scenario, where you have to escape from an island that is about to implode. The main story will take you through the existing locations and lead you into the first dungeon of the game, an ancient chamber deep within the digsite ruins, that has yet to be opened in thousands of years!

We will also be adding more dungeons, each with puzzles and unique encounters, along with crafting and professions.  We also plan to add PvP options to battle, and more lands, treasure and monsters to discover and conquer.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave a comment below! 


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