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Aether Story - Patch Notes - v0.1.x

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Written by thephantom on Jan 03 2019

After a year of reworking the game engine and server the Alpha is finally released.  This post outlines the patches that are added to the 0.1.x versions of releases.

If you have not unlocked an Alpha License there are a few ways you can do so!

  • Donate a total of $20 (lifetime total) and gain not only the Alpha License but also Beta and the full version of the game.
  • Enter the live stream Alpha Key monthly giveaway.  Join me on twitch and enter the [!enter] chatbot command. 
  • Make sure you opt-into the Phanxgames Alpha testing profile and you may get selected via email.

Patch Notes - v0.1.15

January 4, 2019

  • Features:
    • Teleporting between maps will hide the loading message if it takes less than 5 seconds.
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Launcher should no longer redownload all patches each time you open the game.
    • Music should always restart when exiting or entering buildings.
    • Launcher should better verify if files are corrupt when checking patch data.
    • Minimap images should no longer have white bars on the sides.
    • Minimap icons have been better aligned.
    • Map collision errors around the outpost should be fixed.
    • Ladders around the exterior of the outpost should properly be flagged as ladders.

Patch Notes - v0.1.10

December 29, 2018

  • Features
    • Character Creator - create a custom hero with options to stylize your hair, eye color, face styles, and skin tone!
    • Explore the Domhan Outpost - explore the first town in the game fully both exterior and interior, with 5 fully detailed buildings.
    • Chat and play the game with others online in a multiplayer experience.
    • Listen to three wonderfully composed music tracks composed by Gregg:
      • The Title screen
      • The Outpost Exteriror
      • The Outpost Interior
    • Find the hidden chambers in all 3 cellar maps.

While this patch is just a start, it serves as a foundation to grow our game over the coming months.  The game will self update and each time an update is added to the game you just need to open it up again to get the latest in the game's development!While exploring the game imagine the potential the game has, and understand that we are show casing the custom rendering and network tech that has been carefully developed over the last two years. 

Expect a new update every couple weeks, if not each and every week.

If you find any issues while exploring the Alpha be sure to report them on the Github issues page here.  Thank you for your help finding all the bugs!


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