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The Music of RpgLegend

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Written by gregg827 on Nov 23 2016

Welcome to the music blog for RpgLegend!

I'm going to be using this to not just post updates of how the music is coming, but also to explain the purpose of music in a video game and address issues composers and game designers face when creating the music for a game. Maybe Ill throw in some tutorials as well. Sometimes game music is simply a soundtrack that plays in the background to occupy one of the player's senses. However, the beauty of RPGs is that the music helps create the game's mythic narrative. Working on RpgLegend has been an exciting challenge as I am constantly being presented new problems. How do we make this track more "epic?" Whey is this one too "holy?" Should the theme be "sweeping" or more "regal"? The use of these terms - of which all of you probably have your own definitions - inspired me to do research on semiotics and musical symbolism. I am currently applying this research for my dissertation for completion of my PhD in music composition. 

Well over an hour of music has been written so far, but with everything artistic, a lot of it may never see the light of day. Good writing is rewriting, so as I constantly re-listen to tracks I created last year, I may hear some themes that are worth working into other tracks for continuity, or I may simply scrap an idea I dont think was working. The story works the same way, and Im sure programmers face the same challenges. 

That said, I'm very excited to be contributing to this project and I'll try to post weekly with a short music-related topic!

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