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RpgLegend Update 3

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Written by LagunaX1 on Aug 08 2017

Sorry, its been a little a while since the last update!  Regardless, we have news for you!


Story Update

First off, an epic meeting between Lead game designer, programmer and writer Phantom (Henry) and his Court Jester LagunaX1 (me, Mark) took place yesterday.

What started as an effort to complete the final dungeon of Chapter 1 spiralled into an uncontrollable well of creativity. We now have a fairly in depth plan of how the story will progress across the world from start to finish and possible characters that will join you on your journey. While this does not necessairly speed up development right now, having a ground work set in stone that we can work off off will definately help out with future chapters of Rpg Legend and give us more direction to work towards when planning out our story.

What we can reveal now is that the game's plot will currently span at least 4 chapters.  With chapter 1 being the initial release of the game.  And the future chapters being "sequels" of sorts of the story that is resolved in chapter 1.


Programming Update

Phantom has been working hard with the game's code. He has been figuring out exactly how the entity interaction system will work and be implemented with the game. Part of this is figuring out what kind of entities need to be seen by everyone or just the player and their party. With this planned out Phantom has a good idea of how to move forward and is currently working into getting entities working with the game engine.

One of the major decisions that was made was to move away from a custom scripting language to script out entities and cutscenes, and instead use a real scripting langauge.  What better langauge to use than JavaScript itself, the very langauge the game server is made with.  With this change, we are embracing the latest version of the JavaScript spec and using async/await to make scripting as simple as possible.  Additionally, another change that was decided on was to have the client no longer process the scripts, but have all scripts run fully on the server. 

If you are into programming be sure to check out the live dev stream and feel free to ask any questions!


If you'd like to keep up to date on our progress in real time then make sure to join our Discord here and watch our live streams on Twitch here. Look forward to more updates here as well!


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